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Undergraduate Student Awards

Undergraduate Man and Woman of the Year-A special committee selected an outstanding male student for recognition annually, beginning in 1952. From 1952‑64 the selection was called “Campus Man of the Year.” Selection of a “Campus Woman of the Year” commenced in 1965. In 1971 the committee selected three men and one woman as outstanding, but the selection of one man and one woman resumed in 1972. The selections, which are now called “Man of the Year” and “Woman of the Year,” include the following, with male winners listed first for each year beginning in 1965: 

1952James L. Short
1953Al Hardy
1954J. P. Baker
1955R. H. Giles
1956W. Ernest Norcross
1957John L. Wright
1958William K. Barlow
1959Clifton D. Cullum Jr.
1960John B. Obenchain
1961William E. Lambert
1962Roger A. Shaw Jr.
1963William W. Lewis Jr.
1964Floyd M. M. Dickinson Jr.
1965James H. Powell and Carol P. Schuck
1966Lewis R. Dixon and Sara Ann Hale
1967Marvin E. Cardoza and Andrea M. Flagg
1968William L. Coulbourne Jr. and Sue Ann Shertzer
1969Mark D. Musick and Mary Anne Marshall
1970Donald M. Norris and Donna L. Price
1971James R. Mustard, Alan N. Stager, Richard E. Browning, and Rebecca H. Ellsworth
1972Robby G. King and Constance M. Malone
1973Jim Mahon and Kathy Huffman
1974James S. Crockett and Jean Harshbarger
1975Robert C. Butcher Jr. and Janet C. Kerr
1976W. Thomas Clark and Brenda J. Kennedy
1977Bert Poole and Christine Rotchford
1978Steve Mathews and Laura Stein
1979Stephen Wright and Kathleen Lautermilch
1980Edward M. Stowe and Judy L. August
1981Jay M. Jacobsmeyer and Helene C. Combs
1982Glenn A. Sieber and Cheryl A. Henderson
1983Steven S. Grey and Julia E. Little
1984Arthur T. Hart III and Regina L. Kopera
1985Richard J. Mailloux and Carol A. Conrad
1986James D. Rizzo and Susan R. Reller
1987Derek A. Jeffries and Victoria D. Rockecharlie
1988Rex A. Donnelly IV and Carol S. Irvine
1989Joseph W. Guthrie and Leslie P. Arrington
1990Stephen F. Massott and Barbara J. Ouellette
1991Ian P. Sobieski and Natalie A. Appatta
1992John E. Darnell and Theresa M. Gidley
1993Kevin W. Mottley and Sandra L. Phillpott
1994Scott C. Cappiello and Amy E. Coates
1995Kevin W. Leclaire and Carla Dee Moravitz
1996Mark P. Embree and Cynthia T. Kraft
1997Robert M. Ballenger and Robyn H. Moore
1998Castigliano M. Bhamidipati and Rachael K. Hash
1999Edward J. Maggio and Susan P. Grubbs
2000Scott D. Lippert and Katherine R. Snyder
2001Eric J. Ruggiero and Molly Mustard
2002Bahari Harris and Rebecca Weber; 2003, Brian Montgomery and Melissa Stuart
2004Jason M. Reese and Nicole Reynolds
2005Aaron Barr and Jessica Morris
2006Benjamin J. Thomas and Shelby McDonald
2007Gregory J. Sagstetter and Alison A. Smith
2008Ryan C. Smith and Kaitlyn N. Hercik
2009David William Grant and Carla Anne Rood
2010Shashank Sharma and Jennifer Nicole Lamb
2011Ryan A. Anderson and Camille M. DaDamio
Outstanding Student Awards-First conferred in 1975, the Outstanding Student Awards—variously called the Outstanding Senior Awards—are given by the Alumni Association and the Senior Class in recognition of exceptional performances by a graduating student from each college. The outstanding students are selected by students and faculty of their respective colleges.
1975Joanne R. CarrowAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Richard E. HurdleAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Janet C. Kerr-TenerArts & Sciences
 Frank N. WilnerBusiness
 Carol S. AndersonEducation
 Henry H. Hubble IIIEngineering
 Deborah N. AyersHome Economics
1976John P. Good Jr.Agriculture & Life Sciences
 Brent G. FarmerArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Brenda J. KennedyArts & Sciences
 Douglas L. GuynnBusiness
 James R. Stone IIIEducation
 Mark J. ShuartEngineering
 Victoria S. LessingerHome Economics
1977Patrick F. DowdAgriculture & Life Sciences
 John H. GoodmanArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Sarah A. MarcotteArts & Sciences
 Rebecca B. PowellBusiness
 Laura L. DennisEducation
 Walter W. BolesEngineering
 Sandra E. JonesHome Economics
1978Sara E. RosenbaumAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Keville B. WareArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Carolyn L. NicewonderArts & Sciences
 James S. GoodwinBusiness
 Dennis E. MartinEducation
 Timothy J. HaygoodEngineering
 Cynthia R. MootzHome Economics
1979Andrea J. MereschakAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Susan t. RussellArchitecture & Urban Studies
 James L. Chapman IVArts & Sciences
 Cynthia L. BowmanBusiness
 Susan D. HaywardEducation
 Randolph L. MosesEngineering
 Karen A. McAlexanderHome Economics
1980Ann M. McGuirkAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Daniel A. BuehlerArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Catherine G. WalkerArts & Sciences
 Edward M. StoweBusiness
 Ruth A. LensenEducation
 James G. Davis Jr.Engineering
 Holly A. StockstillHome Economics
1981Cindy R. RutterAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Andrew E. EasterArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Brian T. MayArts & Sciences
 Cindy L. SmithBusiness
 Karen F. CarterEducation
 Ray C. WasielewskiEngineering
 Kristin L. KoegelHome Economics
1982 William L. Flowers IVAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Benjamin S. MotleyArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Karen A. LavoieArts & Sciences
 Shirley A. SunderlandBusiness
 Laura E. BowieEducation
 Joseph A. Wiencko Jr.Engineering
 Gail W. BaronHome Economics
1983J. Bennett SaundersAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Charles W. Wray Jr.Architecture & Urban Studies
 John M. YoungArts & Sciences
 Janet W. MabieBusiness
 Eric L. FitzgeraldEducation
 Julia E. LittleEngineering
 Evaleen J. OlinHuman Resources
1983J. Bennett SaundersAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Charles W. Wray Jr.Architecture & Urban Studies
 John M. YoungArts & Sciences
 Janet W. MabieBusiness
 Eric L. FitzgeraldEducation
 Julia E. LittleEngineering
 Evaleen J. OlinHuman Resources
1984Anne W. PowelAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Andrea Y. ThompsonArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Kimberley A. CaseyArts & Sciences
 Wendy L. DodsonBusiness
 Bert E. WeschkeEducation
 Arthur T. Hart IIIEngineering
 Jane E. IngrassiaHuman Resources
1985Karen E. HollowayAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Jack M. FordArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Joan C. HawxhurstArts & Sciences
 John T. Lancaster Jr.Business
 Richard C. Beitel Jr.Education
 Daniel T. GoulsonEngineering
 Deborah L. BellaHuman Resources
 Melinda H. MacDonaldVeterinary Medicine
1986Mary A. DaltonAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Benjamin J. BafferArchitecture & Urban Studies
 James D. RizzoArts & Sciences
 George A. BowersBusiness
 Susan R. RellerEducation
 Janet M. PageEngineering
 James R. MillerHuman Resources
 Scott M. AndersonVeterinary Medicine
1987Brenton J. KeeferAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Lynne C. LancasterArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Tracey P. BeckArts & Sciences
 James A. ShifletEducation
 Carla M. ValvoEngineering
 Laura G. WaltonHuman Resources
 Daniel F. MahonyPamplin Business
 Lynette TobiasVeterinary Medicine
1988Christina G. WilliamsAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Robert C. CollinsArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Gregory D. McFallArts & Sciences
 Stephanie L. KimballEducation
 Nelson C. ChuEngineering
 Rebecca L. WetzelHuman Resources
 G. Candace HuddlePamplin Business
 Sharon L. DeemVeterinary Medicine
1989Joseph W. GuthrieAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Robert R. DerckArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Denise M. MartzArts & Sciences
 James T. IrbyEducation
 Mona R. BehrendEngineering
 Lori L. HallHuman Resources
 Elizabeth C. LesterPamplin Business
 Julie L. HollandVeterinary Medicine
1990Andrew W. MeadowsAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Meredith A.WirschingArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Michele L. HarringtonArts & Sciences
 Marilyn MacharaEducation
 Jeffrey C. CollieEngineering
 Tracy Lynn HoofnagleHuman Resources
 Susan M. ThompsonPamplin Business
 W. Preston StubbsVeterinary Medicine
1991Marilyn M. AdamsAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Douglas H. R. YoungArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Michelle A. HorvathArts & Sciences
 Laurel L. McFallEducation
 David A. LongEngineering
 K. Christine BurnsHuman Resources
 Lori A. HughesPamplin Business
 P. Steven AndersonVeterinary Medicine
1992Robert L. AndrewsAgriculture & Life Sciences
 David B. LiebArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Kristi L. HedgesArts & Sciences
 Revonda L. BarbourEducation
 Susan K. CoxEngineering
 Matthew R. CoopermanHuman Resources
 Annemarie K. GilillandPamplin Business
 Lora V. SchneiderVeterinary Medicine
1993Shawna E. BrattonAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Shannon M. DooleyArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Sandra L. PhilpottArts & Sciences
 Lisa Ann PikalekArts & Sciences
 John D. Lowman Jr.Education
 Ann K. CarrithersEngineering
 Anne E. SeinwillForestry & Wildlife Resources
 Xzabier D. JacksonHuman Resources
 Victoria P. CliffordPamplin Business
 Martha E. SmithVeterinary Medicine
1994Kara A. HoffertAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Raymond S. CalabroArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Jeffrey R. MorrillArts & Sciences
 Christine J. LawsonEducation
 Zion W. LoEngineering
 Nelson W. LafonForestry & Wildlife Resources
 Elizabeth N. NicarHuman Resources
 Scott E. TrexlerPamplin Business
 Jeffrey W. ZolkiewiczVeterinary Medicine
1995Miriam L. KellyAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Elizabeth J. ReamyArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Christopher Ashby LearnArts & Sciences
 Gregory I. AbelEducation
 Cheryl E. MartinEngineering
 Corey D. AdlerForestry & Wildlife Resources
 Micah SchachingerHuman Resources
 Jennifer L. ArutePamplin Business
 Thomas B. Massie Jr.Veterinary Medicine
1996John E. WhitleyAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Liesl A. DommisseArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Mark P. EmbreeArts & Sciences
 Katrina M. HundleyEducation
 Terry A. BushEngineering
 Laurie P. McGheeForestry & Wildlife Resources
 Amber L. DozierHuman Resources
 Lori S. RatliffPamplin Business
 Andrew W. MeadowsVeterinary Medicine
1997Rebecca J. CutrightAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Diane B. MillerArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Bryan L. McDonaldArts & Sciences
 Joben KronebuschEngineering
 Nichole RobitailleForestry & Wildlife Resources
 Michelle R. SmithHuman Resources & Education
 Charles P. KoerberPamplin Business
 Rebecca D. RoseVeterinary Medicine
1998John M. SchmidtAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Holly A. MacDonaldArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Jody GeogheganArts & Sciences
 Krista L. JohnstonEngineering
 Aaron BlackaForestry & Wildlife Resources
 Kathleen M. OllendickHuman Resources & Education
 Gregory D. ElamPamplin Business
 Andrew W. HollowayVeterinary Medicine
1999Jodie E. JohnsonAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Eric DelssArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Stacey SmithArts & Sciences
 Elsie M. CarusoEngineering
 Elvira MunizForestry & Wildlife Resources
 Christine GrecusHuman Resources & Education
 Melissa L. NovoselPamplin Business
 John F. GuestVeterinary Medicine
2000John KoontzAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Melissa J. MorrowArchitecture & Urban Studies
 James A. FogartyArts & Sciences
 Heather R. DanforthEngineering
 Melissa GarnerHuman Resources & Education
 Autumn-Lynn HarrisonNatural Resources
 Brian C. SlingerlandPamplin Business
 Elizabeth SantiniVeterinary Medicine
2001Amy LagerAgriculture & Life Sciences
 James GieldaArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Rebecca S. WeberArts & Sciences
 Ross D. AmicoEngineering
 Emily MoyerHuman Resources & Education
 Jeff M. MatthewsNatural Resources
 Bahari J. HarrisPamplin Business
 Margaret BoothVeterinary Medicine
2002Susan MillerAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Anne-Marie BattikhaArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Krista JacobsenArts & Sciences
 Sara AireyEngineering
 Francine JoffeHuman Resources & Education
 Shawn BakerNatural Resources
 Marvin Julian BoydPamplin Business
 Timothy T. WithersVeterinary Medicine
2003Matthew J. MillerAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Lisa M. AbbamonteArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Beth A. ReidArts & Sciences
 Erik HerzEngineering
 Caroline HunterHuman Sciences & Education
 Laura YoungNatural Resources
 Jill TurnerPamplin Business
 Valerie WeissVeterinary Medicine
2004Elizabeth R. WernerAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Brian KubeckiArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Emily SarverEngineering
 Adrienne MobergLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Shaun D. MabryNatural Resources
 Scott CoblentzPamplin Business
 Nicole M. ReynoldsScience
 Jody A. HewittVeterinary Medicine
2005Lindsey A. GeorgeAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Eric DaleyArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Julia C. MudreArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Ashley WhiteEngineering/Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Hilary CamblosNatural Resources
 Lauren SilvestriPamplin Business
 W. Brandon BullScience
 Jason WallVeterinary Medicine
2006Lorena J. JohnsonAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Katelyn C. KeefeArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Michael H. WillemannEngineering
 Gregory J. SagstetterLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Jason SwensonNatural Resources
 Raheel KahnPamplin Business
 Shelby E. McDonaldScience
 Neal PeckensVeterinary Medicine
2007Natalie KeeneAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Jeffrey FranklinArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Mallory SoldnerEngineering
 John MasonLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Katharine SanfordNatural Resources
 Megan E. WallacePamplin Business
 Shelby E. McDonaldScience
 Daniel BinderVeterinary Medicine
2008Phillip ChongAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Andrew ValentineArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Sherri CookEngineering
 Carolyn BarnesLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Christopher Fields-JohnsonNatural Resources
 Tatiana MishinaPamplin Business
 Christine GeorgeScience
 Jesse FallonVeterinary Medicine
2009Meagan MeyersAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Amrita RajaArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Alekk DuerksenEngineering
 Kathleen CoopersteinLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Ritchie VaughanNatural Resources
 Benjamin Stuart VyulePamplin Business
 Kevin FinelliScience
 Lindsay TurnbullVeterinary Medicine
2010Scott LucasAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Chris GrillArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Matthew A. HiserEngineering
 John StegerLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Shannon FowlerNatural Resources
 Elizabeth GoergenPamplin Business
 Justin Andrew WaughScience
 Aaron Scott LucasVeterinary Medicine
2011Jessica BoatwrightAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Jane JenningsArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Andrea Anjali ShomeEngineering
 Rena GlavasLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Holly KaysNatural Resources
 Jessica GuerroPamplin Business
 Matthew NingScience
 Nathaniel C. BurkeVeterinary Medicine

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