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Undergraduate Student Governance

Student Government Association-Although some non-military students have always studied at the university, their numbers were small for the first half-century. By 1930 the number of “out of military” male students had increased to a point where about 200 of them decided to form their own student government and established the Civilian Student Union in November of that year. Female students countered with a Women’s Student Union in September 1934. The two unions combined to form a single Civilian Student Body on Nov. 14, 1939, in a move by the male civilians to counter the power of the cadets, who, they surmised, had too much control in student government. In 1965 the corps of cadets defeated a proposed constitution for a Student Body of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, which would have merged the civilian and military student governments, while the civilian student body voted in favor of the proposed constitution. On April 19, 1966, all civilians and cadets united under a single constitution, forming a Unified Student Body. The name of the organization was changed later that same year to the Student Government Association. See Corps of Cadets: Corps Political Structure

Civilian Student Body Presidents-The first president of the Civilian Student Union (later called the Civilian Student Body) was elected for the 1934-35 session. Unlike the corps, the vice president served as president of the senate. The last president of the CSB was elected for the 1965-66 session. CSB presidents, listed by the academic year in which they served:

1934-35             A. J. Francis Jr.

1935-36             A. A. George

1936-37             J. W. Apperson

1937-38             V. H. Belcher

1938-39             U. F. Earp

1939-40             J. W. Massey

1940-41             M. M. Bush

1941-42             S. S. Cutler

1942-43            J. R. Brown

1943-44             R. C. Gawthmey (part), W. H. Rosch (part)

1944-45             R. B. McCulloch

1945-46             R. H. Hahn (part), T. T. Callahan Jr. (part)

1946-47             M. L. Oliver

1947-48            B. E. Ames

1948-49             H. H. Caldwell

1949-50             J. C. Curling

1950-51             U. F. Kindle

1951-52             S. U. Boaze Jr.

1952-53             C. M. Montague

1953-54             J. H. Swink

1954-55             W. C. Latham

1955-56             G. M. Oxley

1956-57             A. P. Sturges

1957-58             R. L. Wood

1958-59             R. E. Benton

1959-60            J. B. Obenchain

1960-61             C. L. Vaughan

1961-62             R. S. Barrett

1962-63            G. F. Chandler III

1963-64             F. M. Dickinson

1964-65             F. W. Nolen

1965-66             K. O. Clay


Student Government Association Presidents-The first president of the Student Government Association (Unified Student Body during 1966‑67) was elected for the 1966‑67 session. The first woman president, Sharon J. Brown, assumed office in mid-year in 1980-81 upon the resignation of the previous president. SGA presidents, listed by the academic year in which they served:

1966-67             M. G. Rigney

1967-68             William Coulbourne Jr.

1968-69             Raymond D. Smoot Jr.

1969-70             D. M. Norris

1970-71             R. L. Hawthorne

1971-72             Fred W. George

1972-73             C. C. “Chuck” Lacy

1973-74             Neil Burgess

1974-75             Gary Clisham

1975-76             Steven K. Bannon

1976-77             Mark B. Warlick

1977-78             Danny J. Ludeman

1978-79             L. J. “Chip” Fortier II

1979-80             James W. Tucker

1980-81             J. J. Zelloe (resigned), Sharon J. Brown

1981-82             Sharon L. Williams

1982-83             Bob Jones

1983-84             Jeffrey A. Swartz

1984-85             Russell S. Thomas

1985-86             Walt Williams

1986-87             Dan Mahony

1987-88             David Baker

1988-89             David Baker

1989-90             David Gilbert

1990-91             James Budd

1991-92             Melissa Byrne

1992-93             Kevin Motley

1993-94             Ronald Stephenson

1994-95             Seth Ginther

1995-96             Shiloh Bates

1996-97             Jay Hulings

1997-98             Steve Schneider

1998-99             Jody Olson

1999-2000         Aaron McClung

2000-01             Kylie Felps

2001-02             Brian Montgomery

2002-03             Sterling Daniel

2003-04             Brant Snyder

2004-05             Sumeet Bagai

2005-06             Sumeet Bagai

2006-07             James Tyger

2007-08             Adeel Kahn

2008-09             Emily R. Mashack

2009-10             Brandon J. Carroll


Residence Hall Federation-A Civilian Interdormitory Council for male civilians and a Women’s Interdormitory Council for female students were established in 1966 to handle residence hall matters. In 1972 the two councils were subsumed by a Residence Hall Federation, which coordinates programs, activities, and governments of individual residence halls.

The Class System

A student’s class year generally has been of greater significance to most Virginia Tech students than whether he or she is a member of the freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior class, except in the case of cadet class privileges. Students are considered members of the class year that falls four years from the time they enroll. The system has been of particular significance since 1934 when juniors of the class of 1935 inaugurated the first Class Ring Dance.

Class PresidentsClass presidents are listed below by graduating year. The first female student elected class president was Jean Y. Harshbarger, class of 1974, and the first African-American student elected class president was Donald K. “D. K.” Brockett, class of 1981.

1895             Frederick W. Simpson

1896             Osceola C. Thompson

1897             William R. Kirkpatrick

1898             Obed F. Whitehurst

1899             Archibald B. Hubard.

1900             Charles F. Brown

1901             John B. Huffard

1902             Herbert G. McCormick

1903             Eugene W. Whisnant

1904             Francis R. Butler

1905             Clarence K. Hildebrand

1906             Alpheus D. Williams

1907             Thomas J. Wright

1908             Raymond S. Hoffman

1909             Paul P. Huffard

1910             John W. Edwards

1911             Alexander A. Waldrop

1912             George W. Chappelear Jr.

1913             Houston B. Hughes

1914             Henry M. Somerville

1915             Roland L. Davis

1916             Armistead T. M. Rust

1917             Harry E. Keller

1918             James A. Bell

1919             Wendell B. Goode

1920             James E. Old

1921             Guy E. Rice

1922             Melvin R. Jones

1923             Thomas L. Oliver

1924             Robert J. Rea

1925             Hunter S. Talman

1926             Rudolph D. Michael

1927             James N. Bond

1928             Edward W. Hutchinson Jr.

1929             William P. Chrisman

1930             Roger L. Amole

1931             Darthy H. Brown

1932             Charles H. Chrisman

1933             Alexander S. Wright Jr.

1934             Leon D. Simmons

1935             Gordon W. Wildes

1936             John M. Crafton

1937             Julius C. Hulcher

1938             Edward H. Fuller

1939             James A. Gaugle

1940             Samuel E. Bonsack III

1941             Stuart Johnson

1942             Lester M. Wright

1943             William E. Davis

1944             Henry J. Dekker

1945             R. W. McCue

1946,            J. W. Kirk

1947             V. J. Moogalian

1948             John E. Scott

1949             Charles M. Forbes

1950             James E. Weaver

195             Ronald B. Montague

1952             John A. Snider

1953             Thomas Stark III

1954             Wintfield G. Huffman

1955             Thomas J. Blair, William E. Norcross

1957             Kenneth C. Coleman

1958             William K. Barlow

1959             Robert E. Benton

1960             Danny W. Bird

1961             John T. Rice

1962             Samuel L. Lionberger

1963             David E. Lowe

1964             Robert E. Russell

1965             F. D. Magill Jr. (succeeded by Frank W. Nolen in September 1964)

1966             Kendall O. Clay

1967             Robert P. Keith

1968             Glenn A. Anderson

1969             Mark D. Musick

1970             Lester F. Langhans III

1971             James R. Mustard Jr.

1972             R. Gale King

1973             Clyde H. “Rocky” Sorrell Jr.

1974             Jean Y. Harshbarger

1975             Ernest O. Edwards

1976             William T. Clark

1977             Roy M. Martin Jr.

1978             Stephen H. Matthews

1979             Louis C. Haley

1980             Timothy McKissick

1981             Donald K. “D. K.” Brockett

1982             Wayne K. Waldrop

1983             Gregory D. Brainerd

1984             Wayland E. Hundley

1985            C. Montgomery “Monty” Wenk Jr.

1986             Charles W. Tarlton

1987             James P. O’Brien

1988             Kimble “Jay” Reynolds Jr.

1989             Greg Battaglia

1990             William D. Tyrrell Jr.

1991             Paula Radcliffe

1992             Melissa E. Byrne

1993             Beth L. Rexroad

1994             Keith C. “Casey” Coutray

1995             Shannon P. Milliken

1996             T. Rutherford Watkins III

1997             James P. O’Connell

1998             Jennifer B. Ginther

1999             Raphael Castillejo

2000             Lauren Esleeck

2001             Jonathan Harmer

2002             Erin Miller

2003             Grant Hill

2004             Nicole Reynolds

2005             Robyn Daniel

2006            Kerri Carico

2007             Russell Davis

2008             Michael Dunleavy

2009             Adeel Khan

2010             Brian Golden

2011             Nathan Lavinka

2012             Sandy Bass

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