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Graduate Student Governance

Graduate Student Assembly-Organized in 1978 as the governance organization for the graduate and professional community of the university. The person heading the GSA was called the speaker until 1994, when the title was changed to president.

Graduate Student Assembly Speakers/Presidents

1978Joyce Foster
1978-79Ali Ghalambar
1979-80Doug Hausler
1980-81Ole Meland
1981-82Sandra M. Anderson
1982-83Gene Franks
1983-84Eric H. Wayand
1984-85Eric H. Wayand
1985-86Mark Ginter
1986-87James Harmon
1987-88Rob Branch
1988-89David Lush
1989-90David Lush
1990-91Anthony Townsend
1991-92Anthony Townsend
1992-93Kenneth Kahn
1993-94Timothy Schell
1994-95Maureen Bezold (title changed to president)
1995-96Bryan Rowland
1996-97Delia Grenville
1997-98Chris Bunin
1998-99Paul F. Wagner
1999-2000Jeffrey Sutton
2000-01Dave Fowler
2001-02Marquea D. King
2002-03Jan van Aardt
2003-04Pankaj Gupta
2004-05Myrna Callison and Yvette Pena
2005-06Stephen J. Kalista Jr.
2006-07Jory Ruscio
2007-08Joe  McFadden
2008-09Joe McFadden

Graduate Student Awards

Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence and Graduate Service Excellence Awards-The Graduate Student Relations Committee of the Commission on Graduate Studies selects two students for recognition for contributions in teaching and in service. The awards were first presented at Founders Day on April 24, 1987.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

1987Josephine W. Reed
1988Patricia A. Nickinson
1989Susan G. Mayhew
1990John A. Lewis
1991Mark D. Smith
1992Daniel R. Ess
1993Christine J. Hughes
1994Cathy L.Cripps
1995Rebecca G. Taylor
1996Joyce Smaragdis
1997Lesa L. Beverly
1998David W. Mullins
1999Jon C. Cawley
2000Wairimu Njambi
2001Mary Catherine Aime
2002Gregory N. Hartman
2003Rebecca A. Belling Abler
2004Eric Vugrin/Donna Augustine
2005Christy D. Wolfe
2006Denise R. Adkins
2007Philip K. Lehman
2008Patricia Boyles
2009Linsey Barker and Sunny Crawley (tie)

Graduate Student Service Excellence Award

1987Nancy Shands
1988Robert H. Ford
1989Dana B. Browne
1990Cynthia Z. Massie/Kathleen J. Sikkema
1991David Nixon Judge
1992Laura E. Via
1993Shannon L. Namboodri
1994Marc J. Dysart
1995Michael J. Latham
1996Ronald E. Sheffield
1997Alicia L. Hogbin
1998Gregory W. Shawver
1999Travis O. Brenden
2000Roderic Brame
2001Chung-Yen Oliver Chen
2002Marquea D. King
2003Tracy A. Bodo Slotta
2004Christian Rieser
2005Lori A. Blanc
2006Benjamin Poquette
2007Estella Callie Raulfs
2008Christopher Strock
2009Christina Newman

Graduate Woman and Graduate Man of the Year Awards—Established by the Graduate Student Assembly in 2004 and first awarded in 2005, a Graduate Woman of the Year and a Graduate Man of the Year are selected from the graduate student body based on involvement in professional organizations, campus activities, and the graduate community; contributions to new knowledge; contributions to the graduate community; and commitment to diversity. Winners receive a plaque and $500. The selections include the following, with female winners listed first for each year:

2005Manisa Pipattanasomporn and Terrell Strayhorn
2006Nicole James and Shivakumara Siddaramappa
2007Sharnnia Artis and Olin Thompson Mefford
2008LaChelle Waller and Osama Marzouk
2009Laura J. Freeman and Tremayne Waller

Outstanding College Graduate Students-The Graduate School initiated the Outstanding College Student Awards in 2001. In 2007 a change was made to recognize an outstanding master’s student and an outstanding doctoral student in each college. Following are the Outstanding College Student Award winners:

2001Alexander A. T. JohnsonAgriculture & Life Sciences
 David C. A. KeuhlArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Charles BottEngineering
 Katherine CarrollLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Darroch WhitakerNatural Resources
 David C. NovakPamplin Business
 Kelli J. EnglandScience
 Christiane MassicotteVeterinary Medicine
2002Cary WilliamsAgriculture & Life Sciences
 William A. BaileyAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Jason AndersonArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Theresa WynnEngineering
 Jeannemarie BeiseigelLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Sybille KlenzendorfNatural Resources
 Senay AgcaPamplin Business
 Christopher DulaScience
 Mary Renee PraterVeterinary Medicine
2003James BiedlerAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Yousef NawasArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Patrick Francis MishEngineering
 Sandra DikaLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Christopher M. GoughNatural Resources
 Arlise P. McKinneyPamplin Business
 Heather L. LittletonScience
 Martin FenauxVeterinary Medicine
2004Patricia Dos SantosAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Raquel BecerraArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Eric John RuggieroEngineering
 Jennifer MathesonLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Kerri CahillNatural Resources
 Andrew O. Coggins Jr.Pamplin Business
 Jane LehrScience
 Brett WoodVeterinary Medicine
2005Amy Xiaopei HuAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Ana Christina AbadArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Bryan LoveEngineering
 Benjamin CohenLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 David BishopNatural Resources
 Melih (Mel) MadanogluPamplin Business
 Sara Chiara HadenScience
 Melinda Pomeroy BlackVeterinary Medicine
2006Graham JackAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Rachel A. ChristensenArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Navin ManjooranEngineering
 Robert A. SiudzinskiLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Nathaniel HittNatural Resources
 Fang MengPamplin Business
 Douglas WiegandScience
 Shivakumara SiddaramappaVeterinary Medicine
2007Brad M. Matanin – master’sAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Monique R. Coy - doctoralAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Jonathan L. King - master’sArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Hooman Koliji - doctoralArchitecture & Urban Studies
 Brad M. Matanin - master’sEngineering
 Pardha Pyla - doctoralEngineering
 Jonathan D. McCloud - doctoralLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Brett C. Kiser - master’sNatural Resources
 Sarah E. DuRant - doctoralNatural Resources
 Paula C. Peter - doctoralPamplin Business
 Austin J. Amaya - master’sScience
 Lori A. Blanc - doctoralScience
 Kara A. Kolster – master’sVeterinary Medicine
 Shaadi F. Elswaifi - doctoralVeterinary Medicine
2008Denise Gardner – master’sAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Dominic Tucker – doctoralAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Mandana Parvinian – master’sAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Beth Offenbacker – doctoralAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Ganesh Narayanaswamy – master’sEngineering
 Ben Poquette – doctoralEngineering
 Konstantinos Krarmpis – doctoralInterdisciplinary
 Melissa W. Lisanti – doctoralLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Erin Amanda Moore – master’sNatural Resources
 Daniel Herbert Catlin – doctoralNatural Resources
 Vikas Vohra – master’sPamplin Business
 Rebecca Lau – doctoralPamplin Business
 Kathryn Harry – master’sScience
 Bing Shen – doctoralScience
 Rachel Tan – maser’sVeterinary Medicine
 Ben Lepene – doctoralVeterinary Medicine
2009Preston H. Brown – master’sAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Joseph W. Fadden – doctoralAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Emily M. Howard – master’sAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Yong Han Ahn – doctoralAgriculture & Life Sciences
 Jacob Grohs – master’sEngineering
 Mehdi Nikkhah – doctoralEngineering
 Lindsey Newman – master’sLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Hyuksoo Kwon – doctoralLiberal Arts & Human Sciences
 Amy L. Carrozzino – master’sNatural Resources
 Fernando Navarro – doctoralNatural Resources
 Matthew D. Harry – master’sPamplin Business
 Bige Saatcioglu – doctoralPamplin Business
 Theresa A. Detrie – master’sScience
 Michael J. Kavic – doctoralScience
 Heather Graham – master’sVeterinary Medicine
 Christopher Ober – doctoralVeterinary Medicine

Outstanding Dissertation Award

In 2001 the Graduate School initiated the Outstanding Dissertation Award to recognize the most outstanding dissertation or dissertations completed during the academic year. Later, the award was divided into two categories: outstanding dissertation in mathematics, sciences, or engineering and outstanding dissertation in humanities, business, or social sciences. A dissertation committee reviews nominations and recommends winners to the Graduate School. Award winners receive an honorarium of $1,000 and a certificate of outstanding merit.  Winners:

2001Jean M. Whichard and Barry R. Bickmore
2002Ralph Sandfry
2003Stephen C. Poulson and Warren K. Vaneman
2004Maria Rentetzi and Derrell McPherson
2005Dwight V. Toavs and Martijn Fenaux
2006Feihe Huang and Ronald Miller
2007Mohamed N. Seleem and Benjamin Sovacool
2008Thomas Rondeau and Brent Jesiek
2009Matthew Dyer and Jonson Miller

William Preston Society – Conference of Southern Graduate Schools Thesis Awards

In 1999 the Graduate School began recognizing a graduate student whose master’s thesis presents the best original research with the potential to benefit all people. Currently, two categories of award disciplines are recognized, with the disciplines alternating from year to year: humanities and fine arts and mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering one year and the life sciences and social sciences, business, and education The winning theses become the university’s nominations for the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools thesis awards. In 2009 a third thesis was submitted to CSGS in an Innovation Applications category. Winners:

1999Thomas L. Gradishar
2000Theresa O. Pettinger
2001Michael A. Gore
2002Eric J. Ruggiero
2003Feihe Huang and Sarah Smidl
2004Joseph Pierro and Jonathan W. Roller
2005Brianne L. Winston and Jess W. Jones
2006Amanda Young and Evan S. Noble
2007Nathaniel C. Burke and Brett C. Kiser
2008Robert Paul Murray and Nicole R. West
2009Karen Drahos, Ge Zhang, and William “Rob” Story

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