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Bachelor Degrees (types)

The first degree of any type presented by VAMC was the bachelor of arts to two students, William J. Havener and Robert J. Noell, in 1883. The degree was discontinued in 1886 after six more students had received it and was not presented again until 1968. The second undergraduate degree, mining engineer, was awarded to two students only—one in 1885 and one in 1886; the degree was later offered at the graduate level. A bachelor of science for completion of a four-year general science program was awarded to two students in l887, two more in 1889, and one in 1891. The first of the present bachelor of science degrees was awarded in 1892 to five students majoring in specific curricula: applied chemistry (1), civil engineering (1), horticulture (1), and mechanical engineering (2). Only one bachelor of scientific agriculture was awarded, and that was in 1888. One mechanical engineer degree and one civil engineer degree were awarded in 1889 at the undergraduate level; both were later offered at the graduate level. The present bachelor of architecture, a professional degree requiring completion of a five-year program, was first presented to three students in 1958; bachelor of landscape architecture was approved in 1970 (effective 1971); bachelor of technology degree was approved in 1972 (effective fall quarter that year).

Bachelor Degrees (by curricula), 1883-2009. The table below lists the various curricula in which bachelor’s degrees have been awarded since 1893. Some of the names have been changed from the original to reflect later degree names; in other cases, the degree names are shown with a starting and ending date when that information could be found. Column A indicates the first year the degree was awarded in that curriculum; Column B indicates the last year the degree was awarded, if discontinued; Column C lists the number of degrees awarded in the curriculum through 2009.

CurriculumA  BC
Accounting & Information Systems2002 1,274
Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautical)1943 2,165
Aerospace & Ocean Engineering19761988755
Agricultural & Applied Economics1994 487
Agricultural Economics19281994920
Agricultural Education192020081,407
Agricultural Engineering19211996834
Agricultural Sciences2007 26
Animal and Poultry Science1998 1,023
Animal Science192119982,496
Apparel, Housing, and Resource Mgmt.2005 693
Architectural Engineering19301969366
Architecture (B/Arch)1958 4,220
Art & Art History (Art)1969 1,202
Art, Secondary Education198219863
Biochemistry (Agriculture & Life Science)1969 407
Biochemistry (Arts & Sciences; Science)1970 1,033
Biochemistry & Nutrition19691997295
Biological Systems Engineering1996 243
Biology (Biological Sciences)1914 8,552
Building Construction (after separated from Arch.)1966 1,460
Building Design19511961133
Business Administration192719673,898
Business Education19512008432
Business Information Technology2002 1,281
Ceramic Engineering19371977222
Chemical Engineering1916 3,502
Chemistry1892 1,770
Civil Engineering1889 8,128
Civil Engineering Technology19741981124
Classical Studies2003 41
Clothing & Textiles19802005805
Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts19641983912
Commercial Engineering1923193082
Communication1976 4,848
Computer Engineering1989 1,698
Computer Science1971 3,655
Construction Engineering & Management2009 4
Crop & Soil Environmental Sciences1992 431
Dairy Science1921 1,133
Distributive Education, Secondary Edu.19561983516
Economics, Arts and Sciences (now in Science)1964 1,517
Economics, Business1963 897
Electrical Engineering1894 10,128
Electrical Engineering Technology19741982280
Elementary Education196919931,802
Engineering Science & Mechanics (Engineering Mechanics)1908 1,047
English1964 3,429
English, Secondary Ed.1972197840
Environmental Policy & Planning1998 148
Environmental Science1993 569
Family & Child Development198320022,104
Family & Consumer Sciences Education2001 14
Finance1968 6,770
Fine Arts (BFA)1996 216
Fisheries Science2000 143
Food Science & Technology1972 369
Foreign Languages1968197023
Forestry1997 330
Forestry and Wildlife193920003,506
French1971 273
General Agriculture18881965373
General Business19681986877
General Engineering1935193917
General Home Economics1964196817
General Science18871975521
Geological Engineering195719584
Geosciences (Geology)1907 1,023
German1971 102
Health Education19781999202
Health & Physical Education196820071,049
Health/Physical Education, Secondary Ed.19721977320
History1963 3,115
History & Social Sciences, Secondary Ed.19721992138
Home Economics19291963397
Home Economics, Secondary Ed.1973200158
Horticulture1892 1,864
Hospitality & Tourism Management1995 1,196
Hotel, Restaurant, & Institutional Mgmt.19881995494
Housing, Int. Design, & Resource Mgmt.198320051,451
Human Development2002 891
Human Nutrition & Foods196419971,061
Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise1997 1,912
Humanities, Science, and Environment2009 1
Industrial Arts, Secondary Education19491988517
Industrial Design1998 259
Industrial Education1921193928
Industrial Engineering & Operations Research193019913,267
Industrial & Systems Engineering1991 1,767
Integrated Pest Management1981198820
Interdisciplinary Studies1997 1,455
Interior Design2004 201
International Studies1969 983
Landscape Architecture (B/LA)1974 490
Liberal Arts and Sciences197319971,393
Management1968 5,509
Mgmt., Housing. & Family Development19641983943
Management Science198520022,165
Marketing (Marketing Management)1968 6,410
Marketing Education19822009319
Materials Engineering19781992335
Materials Science & Engineering1992 331
Mathematics1953 2,222
Mathematics, Secondary Education19701992202
Mechanical Engineering1892 10,971
Mechanical Engineering Technology19741982189
Metallurgical Engineering19341977447
Metallurgy & Metallography1909193719
Mining Engineering1885 1,146
Music1975 387
Natural Resources Conservation2006 141
Natural Sciences, Secondary Ed.19721992154
Nuclear Science1969199085
Ocean Engineering1988 261
Philosophy1967 333
Physical Education, Secondary Ed.1976197777
Physics1941 934
Political Science1963 3,999
Poultry Science19421998190
Preparatory Medicine190319075
Psychology1968 5,617
Public Administration19621998534
Public & Urban Affairs1998 286
Recreation, Secondary Ed.19761987217
Rural Sociology19421965141
Secretary Work/Commercial Teaching192719313
Sociology1966 2,173
Spanish1971 3414
Statistics1948 464
Technology Education19882009243
Theatre Arts1971 541
Unclassified B.A. Degrees188318868
Urban Affairs19721998576
Vocational-Industrial, Secondary Ed.19722005186
Wildlife Science2000 282
Wood Science & Forest Products2000 133