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Historical Documents and Publications

Virginia Agricultural And Mechanical College -- Its History And Organization

This document was published in 1872, per action of the first Board of Visitors:

On motion of Mr. De Jarnette, it was unanimously resolved that the report of the Committee on Organization be adopted, and that two thousand copies thereof be published in pamphlet form, together with an abstract of the proceedings of this Board from its first meeting to the close of the session to be held on the 14th of August; and the same committee was instructed to attend to the publication.

(See also the PDF document of the original scan.)

The Book of the Haircutites

"The Acts of the Haircutites" documents the activities at various times before and after the turn of the last century when members of the sophomore class determined that it was time to put the freshmen, the "rats," in their place.

A History of the Class of 1902

At the fiftieth anniversary reunion of the Class of 1902 at V.P.I. in October, 1952, the proposal to publish a history of the class members was revived and enough interest was manifested to make plans. Information on class members was collected and assembled and the booklet was published in September, 1955.

The Virginia Polytechnic Institute 1891-1905

This recounting of the history of the V.P.I. from its opening until the close of the 1904-05 term was written by G. C. Stone (Class of 1908) and was published in the Bulletin of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, October, 1908. It covers campus activities, staff additions and changes, and building construction and campus expansion.

The Present Condition and Outlook at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute

In 1906, the Board of Visitors looked to the Virginia General Assembly for additional funds it saw as necessary to operate the school, to cover building expenses, salaries, and increased insurance. This "memorial" was submitted by the Board to defend its case. (See also the PDF document of the original scan.)

The World War I Monument

“The Rock” is a memorial erected by the class of 1919 to “Our Dead Heroes Over There.” It stands on the Upper Quad as a reminder of those who served in World War I. Read the speech delivered at the dedicated that established the tradition of saluting when passing the monument.

1922 History

Read the semi-centennial history of the college written by Ellison Adger Smyth Jr., professor and founding head of the Department of Biology (1891-1925) and the first dean of the faculty (1902-06). It was published as a Bulletin in May, 1922.