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The first known baseball game against an off-campus opponent was in 1877 when VAMC beat Roanoke College by a record score of 53-13. Baseball did not become organized on a regular basis, however, until 1892. Men’s tennis was introduced in 1892, but a formal squad was not organized until 1922; it was sanctioned as a varsity sport in 1975, and women’s tennis was sanctioned as a varsity sport in 1976. A wrestling club was formed in January 1910; wrestling was made a varsity sport in May 1922. A boxing squad was organized in 1921-22. The first matches were held in the winter of 1925. Boxing was made a minor sport in 1926 and a major sport in 1930; it was discontinued after 1944. Golf was introduced as a varsity sport in 1947. Men’s cross-country track was made a minor sport in 1921; women’s cross country competed in AIAW Division II before it was elevated to a Division I varsity sport in 1981. Fencing was recognized as a minor sport in 1939. A men’s swimming/diving team was organized in 1934, with a women’s swimming/diving team, the Women’s Swim Club, becoming the first officially sanctioned women’s sport in 1970; initially an extramural sport operated by the university, it moved under the athletic association in 1976. A men’s track team was organized in 1906, with a varsity indoor track and field team added in the late 1950s, followed by a women’s track and field team in 1981. A rugby club for male students was organized in 1968, but rugby has never been a sanctioned varsity sport. An intercollegiate gymnastics schedule started in winter 1966. Men’s soccer was inaugurated as a varsity sport in 1973, followed by women’s soccer in 1993; before 1993, women’s soccer was a club sport. Women’s volleyball was organized as a varsity sport in 1977. Women’s field hockey, sanctioned as a varsity sport in 1977, was dropped in 1981. Women fielded their first lacrosse team in 1995. An officially sanctioned women’s softball team was organized in 1996.

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    Football Game at Mile Stadium

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