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Securing a domain for

University Relations maintains the subdomain for research studies and other collaborative groups that want to feature their content online. The questions below outline the process for securing a domain. 

Who qualifies? 

The subdomain is available for research centers that contain an interdisciplinary focus. These entities often enlist expertise and input from a variety of different sources. It was established to create a virtual location when it may not be appropriate to have an existing subdomain affiliated with a particular department or college host the research site. Users who request the subdomain will need to reserve a unique name that precedes the string (such as,, or  Ideally, such names would provide an accurate description of the research focus and purpose of the site.

What's the process to secure a subdomain?

Users seeking a subdomain should have their network liaison complete this form that will send an email to the university webmaster (, who acts as the network liaison for the subdomain. The webmaster will review the application and either approve it or follow up for additional information. He will then coordinate with the university hostmaster and the network liaison who filed the request to establish the approved subdomain.  

What are the hosting options? 

Users with an approved subdomain can request to have their new site created and hosted in the Ensemble Content Management System. As the university's enterprise CMS, Ensemble provides free support, training, and pre-built university templates that comply with Virginia Tech's branding guidelines and offer flexible ways to present the site's content. Get started by completing the request form

Users seeking an alternative to the Ensemble CMS will need to coordinate with university web hosting to establish their site. Design and support of the site rests with the users. Site designs must adhere to the university's brand guidelines.