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Why use the templates?

Virginia Tech’s website templates give Web developers across the university an easy way to build pages that have the look and feel of the Virginia Tech website.

The templates also give developers a solid foundation to build websites that are Web-standards compliant, accessible to people with disabilities, and compliant with the university’s visual identity standards.

Who can use the templates?

The templates are intended for use by administrative, academic, and research offices of Virginia Tech. The templates may not be used by individual students, student organizations (with the exception of University Student Life Programs), or independent organizations without the approval of University Relations.

Do I have to use the templates?

No! If you decide not to use the templates, please just follow the university's Web Guidelines and Procedures and Web Development Best Practices when developing your site.

Can I modify the templates?

Yes. We understand that you may need to modify the templates to accommodate the needs of your group. We just ask that you follow the university's Web Guidelines and Procedures and Web Development Best Practices (including recommendations for fonts, colors, and placement of navigation) as you make your changes. We also strongly suggest learning about standards-compliant XHTML, CSS, and Web accessibility before modifying the code. HTML Dog is a good place to start learning about XHTML and CSS, and Web AIM is a good place to start learning about Web accessibility.

Requests for template modifications or new features should be sent to Web Communications. Special template needs will be addressed by University Relations on a case-by-case basis.

What's available?

The templates offer the wider pages and updated design that debuted with the 2008 launch of the Virginia Tech website in the CMS. The templates reference the assets that are used by pages published in the CMS.

Users who choose to download these newer templates are responsible for maintaining the overall look and feel of these pages. Style changes that are promoted from the CMS will affect the assets that these templates reference.

Download the Virginia Tech web template (ZIP | 8KB)

Are the previous templates still available?

As part of the redesigned University Relations site, we no longer offer or support the templates that were once available. Departments that have adopted the previous templates can continue to use them. However, we prefer that templates featuring the most-recent design be adopted for future use.

Download the templates

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