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Video services request

Visual and Broadcast Communications, a department within University Relations, produces promotional videos according to established departmental goals and priorities. Programming that reaches the widest external audience possible is of a higher priority than that with a narrow audience, and programming done for the university as a whole is of higher priority than that done for specific colleges or departments. Clients requesting these services must complete this online form to begin the process.


  • Visual and Broadcast Communications is a public relations department and does not provide multi-camera, studio, or live videotaping; videotaping of meetings, classes, lectures, or student organization events; or coverage of campus events with no predetermined University Relations program use.
  • All videos must have a specific predetermined use or distribution plan.
  • University Relations does not have the capacity to fulfill every request.
  • Reasonable notice should be given for a request.
  • Clients are charged for any travel and material costs and need to provide an ISR before a travel assignment takes place. The client is normally responsible for making travel arrangements.
  • Upon completion of filming, a videographer will edit and produce the video. Remember that this adds additional time before the video can be made available to clients.
  • Please schedule sufficient time for filming and remind subjects that they should have ample time available to participate in a video shoot.


* (e.g. Lisa Roberts)
* (e.g. (540-992-4892)
* (e.g. <someone> must be a valid and complete Virginia Tech address)
Include other necessary information such as: names, titles, contact information of people appearing the video; estimated length and form (ex. commercial, documentary, interview, narrative, etc.); nature of the video (ex. informational, promotional, news, feature, etc.).
How and where will this video be seen? How big is the audience? (ex. Spotlight, news release, college YouTube page, shown at event, etc.)
  You must preview your request before it is submitted.