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Photo services request

University Relations provides the services of a photographer to university clients according to established departmental goals and priorities. Clients requesting these services must complete this online form to begin the process.

Head and Shoulders Portrait

Use the Portrait Request Form to schedule a photo session in the photo studio, located in the Media Building, Room 104. If you prefer, if you know a photo enthusiast who would like to take the photos, we have a list of portrait tips to follow.

Other Photography


  • Photographers will be assigned to clients as available. University Relations does not have the capacity to fulfill every request for photographers. There is a database of over 50,000 stock photographs available to university clients.
  • Clients are charged for any travel costs. The client is normally responsible for making travel arrangements.
  • Upon completion of a photo shoot, the photographer will edit the files and present the client with the best images. Editing adds time before images can be made available to clients.
  • Clients will only receive images as electronic files. All images remain the property of University Relations and will become a part of the university's photo library.
  • Schedule sufficient time for the taking of photographs and remind subjects that they should have ample time available to participate in a photo shoot.

* Required Fields

* (e.g. Lisa Roberts)
* (e.g. (540) 992-4892)
* (e.g. <someone> must be a valid and complete Virginia Tech address)
* M/D/Y
Include other necessary information such as: names, titles, and contact information of people appearing in photographs, how many photos are needed, orientation of photos (horizontal/vertical), contact person(s) other than requestor.

This should be a person a photographer can contact at the time of a shoot if there are any questions, or if someone is not available when the photographer arrives at the scheduled time.

This contact is required for photo shoots away from the photo studio in the Media Building.

Please list a name and contact information (e-mail is required)
Contact Info:
Email (required):
If yes, requestor will be responsible for obtaining photo releases, which can be downloaded as a PDF file.
Yes      No
  You must preview your request before it is submitted.

This form is for requesting photographs only and does not guarantee a photographer will be available. After the request has been considered, Photography will contact you by phone or e-mail. Final images are presented in digital file form. Since all assignments need to be edited, files are not available immediately after an assignment.