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Broadcast media support

We provide support to broadcast stations, networks, and other outside producers for productions on campus or about the university.

  • Visual and Broadcast Communications can help facilitate campus visits for production crews and contacts with various professors. Call 540-231-6333.
  • Help also is available to obtain background information or story ideas.
  • Campus file footage is available for news or public relations purposes and in some cases arrangements can be made for audio or video recordings of university personnel.
  • A satellite studio and C-Band uplink are available for rental for live or taped interviews and for transmission of taped footage. Guidelines and contact information can be obtained by contacting Media Relations Manager Susan Steeves at 540-231-5224 or or by contacting Mark Harden or Jeff Dalton of Video Broadcast Services at 540-231-5930.
  • An ISDN line is available for radio interviews of faculty by contacting Gabrielle Minnich at 540-231-8703 or
  • Regular radio programming and soundbites are also provided for use by radio stations. Check Radio Soundbites or contact Gabrielle Minnich at 540-231-8703 or
  • Photos of university-related news events are available to the news media by contacting Micheal Kiernan at 540-231-6992 or
  • Press releases are available at Virginia Tech News.

Marketing university experts to broadcast media

We facilitate the connection between various university experts and broadcast media outlets.

  • Media Relations Manager Susan Steeves helps broadcasters seeking experts to appear in programs and university experts wishing to get their message out to broadcasters.
  • Professors contacted by broadcasters for interviews should be aware of the availability of the satellite TV studio and the radio ISDN line (see above).