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2015 Virginia Tech videos

Dec 17, 2015 Video: Laser vs. lightsaber
Dec 11, 2015 Video: Newman Library study break
Dec 09, 2015 Video: Invasive species potluck
Nov 23, 2015 Video: The Campus Kitchen
Nov 16, 2015 Video: Pearson Hall opens
Nov 13, 2015 Video: Library of material culture
Nov 09, 2015 Video: Gifts for veterans
Oct 19, 2015 Video: Automated vehicles
Oct 26, 2015 Video: CVC 2015
Oct 12, 2015 Video: Virginia Tech experts help the state's cider industry grow
Oct 05, 2015 Video: Throwing herself into the record books
Oct 05, 2015 Video: Investigating the behavior of baby wood ducks
Sep 03, 2015 Video: Heather's Story - The College of Natural Resources and Environment at Virginia Tech
Sep 21, 2015 Video: New research aviary to enhance the study of birds
Sep 11, 2015 Video: 2015 halftime spot (We Are The Future)
Sep 04, 2015 Video: Career Services program helps students dress for success
Sep 04, 2015 Video: Marching Virginians get a home of their own
Sep 01, 2015 Video: Rare corpse flower blooms, stinks
Sep 02, 2015 Video: Community invited to share feedback about materials being tested on Drillfield
Aug 27, 2015 Video: This vest can save lives
Aug 20, 2015 Video: Time-lapse - The hustle and bustle of move-in
Aug 13, 2015 Video: Time-lapse - Hahn Horticulture Garden blooms before your eyes
Jul 31, 2015 Video: Maker camp combines cardboard and computers to create unique musical instruments
Jul 28, 2015 Video: Foal named 'Miss Virginia Tech' in thanks for veterinary school's work
Jul 28, 2015 Video: Pete Dye River Course of Virginia Tech
Jul 23, 2015 Video: Students build trebuchet to launch melons
Jul 22, 2015 Video: Alumna is perpetually in motion
Jul 20, 2015 Video: Drones deliver medical supplies in groundbreaking research flights
Jul 16, 2015 Video: Virginia Tech scientist shows bacteria could control robots
Jul 15, 2015 Video: Unmanned aircraft set to deliver medical supplies
Jun 01, 2015 Video: Meet ESCHER, the robot that rescues
Jun 01, 2015 Video: Researcher discovers new species of millipedes in Southwest Virginia
May 15, 2015 Video: Graduates jump to 'Enter Sandman'
May 17, 2015 Video: Spring 2015 Graduate Commencement ceremony
May 17, 2015 Video: Spring 2015 University Commencement ceremony
May 17, 2015 Video: Google's Eric Schmidt addresses the Class of 2015
May 17, 2015 Video: Here's to you, Class of 2015
May 14, 2015 Video: Graduates, your seats are ready
May 08, 2015 Video: Student-run rescue squad helps keep campus safe
May 05, 2015 Video: Researcher shines light on origin of bioluminescence
Apr 29, 2015 Video: Staff Appreciation Day
Apr 24, 2015 Video: Turning loss into hope at Relay For Life
Apr 23, 2015 Multimedia: How change grows
Apr 15, 2015 Multimedia: Through a wrestler's eyes
Apr 10, 2015 Video: Employees' Spouse and Dependent Scholarship
Apr 13, 2015 Video: Five days of eating fatty foods can alter body, researchers find
Apr 13, 2015 Video: Classics major jams along in Floyd
Mar 31, 2015 Video: Potato distribution event is 21 tons of 'Ut Prosim'
Mar 27, 2015 Video: Researchers debut much-anticipated hockey helmet ratings
Mar 18, 2015 Video: Cricket Club connects cultures for the Hokie World Games
Mar 13, 2015 Video: Floral design class teaches students flower power
Mar 06, 2015 Video: Hokies senior uses basketball skills to mentor children
Mar 05, 2015 Video: Build Lab gives students hands-on learning opportunities
Feb 26, 2015 Video: Scientists discover beliefs can be just as powerful as nicotine
Feb 18, 2015 Video: Honor Band brings next generation of musicians to Virginia Tech
Feb 13, 2015 Video: Kendo Club a student group that hones mind and body
Feb 11, 2015 Video: Virginia Tech hosts 36-hour coding marathon
Feb 11, 2015 Video: Happy Valentine's Day! What do you love about Virginia Tech?
Feb 06, 2015 Video: Wrestling at the Moss Arts Center
Jan 29, 2015 Video: Family gives back on campus in memory of son
Jan 27, 2015 Video: Searching for better ways to prevent the flu
Jan 26, 2015 Video: Lab allows veterinary students practice before work with live animals
Jan 15, 2015 Video: Scientists developing speedy test for autism spectrum disorder
Jan 14, 2015 Video: Kitchen of the Future
Jan 07, 2015 Video: Could a vaccine help smokers quit?