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Video: Blind Driver Challenge - Features of the Vehicle

Anil Lewis, of the National Federation of the Blind, demonstrates the features of Virginia Tech's Blind Driver Challenge vehicle.

Students, engineers, and researchers put their skills on the line in the Blind Driver Challenge, as they designed and outfitted a vehicle to be driven by the visually impaired. 

Visit the web page: The Blind Driver Challenge

A look at the vehicles

    The College of Engineering has two new Blind Driver Challenge vehicles. This one is BRIAN, which stands for xxx.

The Blind Driver Challenge team from the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory in the College of Engineering have developed two modified Ford Escapes for the challenge.

  • One 2010 Hybrid SUV is named ANDREA, for Automobile for Non-visual Driving Research, Education and Advancement.
  • The other, also a 2010 Hybrid, is named BRIAN, for Blind Research Interfaces for Advanced Navigation.
  • What's the difference? Color. ANDREA is charcoal gray. Brian is black.